The following products are made by Mik-El:

1) CO-SCC103 Studio Control Center w/ remotes, radio return, lights, cough functions etc. 2) CO-RC22/RC12 Remote boards for the CO-SCC103. 3) CO-SL143EG Studio Line Amplifier Gold w/ 1 trafo balanced, 4 electronic balanced and 3 unbalanced stereo outputs. 4) CO-RU200B Double RIAA-amplifier w/ electronic balanced line outputs. 5) CO-SS02B Studiosignalbox w/ cough button and red light. 6) CO-PB02 Producerbox w/command and interview button. 7) CO-SJB03 Studiojackbox for making all connections in the studio. 8) CO-LP300 Lightpower 3A/24VAC. A power supply with relays for studio lights with AC current output for extended lamp life.

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