Here You can get Acrobat files (pdf) of manuals for Mik-El and Chilton equipment. If You do not have Acrobat Reader, you can get from the homepage of Adobe.
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CO-SL143EG CO-SL143EG Studio Line Amplifier, Product no. 91.10004

CO-SS02B CO-SS02B Studiosignalbox, Product no. 99.20042

CO-PB02 CO-PB02 Producerbox, Product no. 99.21042

CO-LP300 CO-LP300 Lightpower, Product no. 99.23001

CO-RU200 CO-RU200 Double RIAA-amplifier, Product no. 93.10200

CO-SCC103 Old CO-SCC103 Studio Control Center, old type, Product no. 90.11010

CO-SCC103 New CO-SCC103 Studio Control Center, new type, Product no. 90.11011

CO-RC12 CO-RC12 Remote board, loop, Product no. 90.11015

CO-RC22 CO-RC22 Remote board, pulse, Product no. 90.11012

Chilton CM2 CM2 Chilton mixer, technical manual.



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